The Electrocution Boys

If you love something, set it on fire.



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The Electrocution Boys plyed their time at the Atlar of Infinity at 30 7th Street in San Francisco. The location served as a recording studio and sometimes home to members of the Boys as well as The Chris Knapp Death Sentence, Anal Kitties and Holy Revolver Society, as well as many rumored ghosts. The building previously served as a Tattoo Museum and later a hotel for the down and out where stabbing and shootings were as common as the piss at the foot of the toilet or the flies in the kitchen. It provided an eerie backdrop that suited the boys dark and noisy tunes to a tee.

The Boys Were:

Stephen Edison Payne (aka Stevenson Sedgwick): Vocals, Guitars
Jerry Currant (aka Jefferson Quiltee): Bass, Backing Vocals
A.C. Hertz (aka Skot B): Drums, Backing Vocals

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A Disappearance mp3
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