Stevenson Sedgwick

Solo Works

[all dowloads are 320kb/48khz mp3 files]

1996 - 1999

Tumbleweed [Stevenson S: vocals, guitar, piano, recording]

Cutting off a finger to save a hand [Stevenson S: guitar, piano, Gretchen X: violin. Recorded by Skot B.]

Theme for a Mungaso [Stevenson S: Piano. Skot B: Drums. Recorded by Skot B.]

[More Coming Soon...]


Stevenson Sedgwick is a founding member of The Phantom Limbs, Black Ice, Factory of Angst, The Electrocution Boys, Orange Peel Bananza, and Bloody Malynda, among others.

Stevenson is currently the music supervisor for "That's my momma, too!" coming soon to TBS. He is working on solo material as time allows.